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Kuwait is located in Western Asia part of Asia. It's total area is 18K km² and 0.4% of it is forest area. As of 2023 it has a total population of 4.3M. 100% lives in cities whereas 0% lives in rural areas.
Kuwait ( (listen); Arabic: الكويت al-Kuwayt, Gulf Arabic pronunciation: [ɪl‿ɪkweːt] or [lɪkweːt]), officially the State of Kuwait (Arabic: دولة الكويت Dawlat al-Kuwayt), is a country in Western Asia. It is situated in the northern edge of Eastern Arabia at the tip of the Persian Gulf, bordering Iraq to the north and Saudi Arabia to the south. Kuwait also shares maritime borders with Iran. Kuwait has a coastal length of approximately 500 km (311 mi). Most of the country's population reside in the urban agglomeration of the capital city Kuwait City. As of 2022, Kuwait has a population of 4.45 million people of which 1.45 million are Kuwaiti citizens while the remaining 3.00 million are foreign nationals from over 100 countries. Kuwait has the largest number of stateless people in the entire region.Historically, most of present-day Kuwait was part of ancient Mesopotamia. Pre-oil Kuwait was a strategic trade port between Mesopotamia, Persia and India. Oil reserves were discovered in commercial quantities in 1938. In 1946, crude oil was exported for the first time. From 1946 to 1982, the country underwent large-scale modernization, largely based on income from oil production. In the 1980s, Kuwait experienced a period of geopolitical instability and an economic crisis following the stock market crash. In 1990, after oil production disputes with neighbouring Iraq, Kuwait was invaded, and later annexed into one of Iraq's governorates by Iraq under Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi occupation of Kuwait came to an end on February 26, 1991, after military intervention by a military coalition led by the United States and various other countries.

Kuwait is an emirate. The emir is the head of state and the Al Sabah is the ruling family which dominates the country's political system. Kuwait's official state religion is Islam. Kuwait is a developing country with a high-income economy, backed by the world's sixth largest oil reserves. The Kuwaiti dinar is the highest valued currency in the world. Kuwaiti popular culture, in the form of theatre, radio, music, and television soap opera, is regionally influential and exported to neighboring GCC states. In 2009, Kuwait had the highest Human Development Index in the Arab world. Kuwait is a founding member of the GCC and is also a member of the UN, AL, OPEC and the OIC. In July 2022, Kuwait named the emir's son as the country's new prime minister to replace caretaker premier Sheikh Sabah al-Khalid, who faced a combative parliament as head of cabinet in a feud hindering fiscal reform.

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💬 Languages

Arabic is the official language.

💵 Currencies

The official currency is Kuwaiti dinar [1 USD = 0.308 KWD].

🏧 Cash / Credit card usage

As credit cards are not widely used in Kuwait, we suggest you to carry cash during your travels [2017: %22.27802724]. Approximately there are a total of 🏧 3.4K ATM's in Kuwait.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Tourism

In 2019, 8.6M tourists arrived to Kuwait. In 2019, tourism has contributed to Kuwait economy with a total of 1.2B $ income (%1.6).

📱 Bandwidth

Mobile internet & wifi is 🚀very fast with 226.56 Mbps. Broadband is 🚀very fast with 172 Mbps.

Mobile & Wifi (6.77 / 10)

Broadband (6.03 / 10)

☀️ Climate

Averag yearly temperature is 🔥 25 °C and very hot. Current 3 months (July, August and September) average is 🔥 35 °C and very hot. Current season (summer) is 🔥 35 °C and very hot.
Yearly average25 °C 🔥
3 month average35 °C 🔥
Spring average25 °C ☀️
Summer average35 °C 🔥
Fall average27 °C 🔥
Winter average14 °C 🌤️
About seasons: Remember that seasons in Southern Hemisphere are opposite of the Northern one. This means that in Argentina and Australia, winter begins in June. Currently season averages are rendered according Northern Hemisphere.

📈 Economics

In 2023, gross national income (GNI) was 199B $ and with %-0.7 decrease GNI per capita was 46K $. In 2023, consumer inflation was calculated as %3.6.

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